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At North American Title, we can help you quickly and easily target your leads and market more effectively. Here are some examples of the types of mortgage leads that we can help you find:
  •   Ready to Refinance:  Target refinance candidates or view individuals who have recently refinanced
  •   Seller Carryback:  Find prospects where the seller provides financing for a home purchase
  •   AVM Equity:  Find candidates with available equity, utilizing an automated valuation model
  •   Sub-Prime Loans:  Identify individuals that have loans through a sub-prime lender
  •   LTV Equity:  Target prospects based on a property’s Loan-to-Value (LTV) range

Fees commensurate with the cost of the work performed and the material furnished for marketing products available on this website will be charged and collected by North American Title in accordance with Colorado State Insurance Laws and Regulations and Federal RESPA Regulations and Guidelines.