North American Title Client Care

Providing our clients with a wide range of services to meet every contingency is our number one priority at North American Title. We also offer you a variety of entry points to order the services you need.

 Ownership & Encumbrance

Reports and Vesting Deeds


There are three basic ways to order an

O&E and vesting deeds:


  1. Priority Access – You can order an O&E online via Priority Access. Often, you will receive the report in a matter of minutes when you choose this option.
  2. Email the address and owner’s name to
  3. Call our Client Care department at 303.316.3400
 Farm Reports
Priority Access can be utilized if you wish to conduct your farming search yourself. You can also call or email us with your request. In addition to a farm list, we can also help you with mailing labels. 
 Marketing Services
At North American Title Company, we’re focused on providing you with the latest in marketing tools. We can help you evaluate your current marketing tactics, improve your bottom line and save time.
We can assist you in selecting the best approach to farming, target marketing, client retention and referral enhancement. We have a number of support tools designed to fit your needs. Our job is to understand your business goals and help you select the right tools to set your business apart.

Fees commensurate with the cost of the work performed and the material furnished for marketing products available on this website will be charged and collected by North American Title in accordance with Colorado State Insurance Laws and Regulations and Federal RESPA Regulations and Guidelines.

For more information, please contact us at:
303.316.3400 or