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    ​Tips for writing replies to any review

    12/12/2016 10:56:31 AM
    Commentary by Andrew Hafzalla
    Reviews are powerful. They can be compelling enough to persuade consumers to reach out, or hurtful enough to shrink your business. That’s why responding to reviews is just as important as requesting them. 
    The words you use in your reply can demonstrate your humanity, authenticity and professionalism to the reviewer and your greater audience. Your reply may change the mind of a negative reviewer, or make a lifelong client.
    Respond to all types of reviews.
    Whether the response is glowing, hurtful or in-between, responding to each review is an opportunity to thank your clients for taking the time to write it. People want to work with a professional they trust, respect and like, and saying “thank you” is the first step to demonstrating you care. Responding professionally shows your humanity, adds dimension to a situation and establishes credibility.
    Don’t be defensive.
    Instead of refuting each criticism, thank clients for the feedback and apologize for any miscommunication. Offer an opportunity to connect again, get to the root of the issue and help them by doing what you can to make things right.
    Add to the conversation.
    Realize that every customer need is different, and you won’t be able to satisfy them all. Your responses should identify the strengths of your business, helping readers determine if your style of service is a good fit for them. Knowing when to point clients to the right place will speak volumes.
    Highlight your expertise.
    Go further than a simple “thank you” when you reply to a glowing review. Use the opportunity to amplify the service or quality they liked best. Show your commitment to satisfaction by asking how you can help further.
    Share reviews with your team.
    Customer reviews are the perfect tool to showcase to your team what makes clients happy. Success is the result of a team effort, and forwarding anecdotal evidence is a great way to build morale and recognize a job well done. Point out recurring themes by using the feedback as a launching point to identify the services you can improve.
    Opt-in to Zillow Reviews.
    Zillow Group makes it easy for agents to capture client reviews: Our free agent app offers text and email scripts to request feedback from buyer and seller clients, on-the-go and at just the right moment. If you’re a broker, remember to opt-in to display Zillow reviews on your own brokerage site by following these steps:
    1. Log in to LeadStreet and open the Apps menu in the top-right corner.
    2. Within the Apps menu, select the My Profile link to open the Agent Profile page.
    3. From the Agent Profile page, select the Contact Info tab.
    4. Scroll down to the Online section and enter your screen name in the Zillow Screen Name field.
    5. Scroll back to the top of the page to click Save, and your Zillow reviews will appear on the Single Page Agent Website (SPAW) momentarily (at least three reviews have to exist for them to appear on the SPAW).

    Client reviews are one of the most powerful marketing tools that money can’t buy. You can bet that potential buyers or sellers will look you up online to see your reviews and the responses you write.
    Andrew Hafzalla is director of Industry Outreach at Zillow.
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