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    7 Proven Strategies to Convert Online Leads into Closed Sales

    11/20/2015 12:25:52 PM
    By Deborah Kearns
    You have a lot of options to attract new business online. Generating leads is the easy part, but keeping them requires a little more work.
    So how do you convert online leads into closed sales? Here are seven proven strategies to get you started:
    1. Choose a top-notch customer relationship management (CRM) system – There are a ton of options out there, but you need to identify your needs and pick the solution that will help you accomplish your goals and fits best within your budget. Whatever you choose, it should make managing leads easier and automate most communications to free up your time.
    2. Direct all leads to your website – Having a multipronged online marketing strategy is great, but you need to send potential buyers and sellers to one central place: your website. When leads arrive there, they should see a clean, easy-to-navigate landing page that directs them to featured listings, buyer/seller guides, neighborhood information, testimonials from past clients, and a robust property search feature.
    3. Issue calls to action for specific audiences – Your contact page should send leads directly to you, but beyond that, you need to create customized calls to action for each audience you’re hoping to attract on your website and other online marketing vehicles. For sellers, it can be as simple as offering them a tool to find out how much their homes are worth. Show homebuyers how much they could save in the long run if they were to buy instead of rent.
    4. Respond to leads immediately – Someone who takes the time to visit your site and send you a message should always receive an immediate response. An auto response that acknowledges receipt of their message is a must, but a personal follow-up via phone or email should happen within minutes (or a few hours, at most). One of the main reasons agents fail to convert online leads is because of poor follow up. If you don’t respond right away, they’ll find another agent who will.
    5. Communicate on their level –  Automate the follow-up process through your CRM and ask the lead to indicate how they want to communicate with you (text, email, phone, face-to-face) and use that method. You’ll find that most young homebuyers, for example, prefer texts over phone calls and emails. The quickest way to turn off a potential client is to ignore their preferred method of communication and force interactions that aren’t organic.
    6. Qualify the leads – You can tell early on who’s ready to move forward and who’s just exploring their options. Ask online leads to share what their timeframe looks like. If a lead isn’t ready to buy or sell for at least six months to a year down the road, put them on an online drip campaign for newsletters and new listings. Those leads could be profitable down the road so don’t discount them yet; keep in touch by staying top of mind.
    7. Don’t be afraid to close the lead – After an initial exchange or two with potential clients, turn the discussion to how you can help them buy or sell. Offer to sit down with them in person and discuss their options – and the value you bring to the transaction. Getting in front of them in a face-to-face meeting is the key to transforming an online lead into a client for life.
    Deborah Kearns is an award-winning writer based in Denver with more than a decade of experience in corporate communications and news journalism. She has covered the real estate industry for more than seven years.
    Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2015. All rights reserved.