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    Five social media strategies for customer engagement

    10/3/2016 9:05:15 AM
    As a sales professional, you understand the importance and value of forming a connection with your clients. In a technology-based world, you don’t necessarily need to be face-to-face in order to foster and nurture those new or existing relationships. Social media pages, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., are all popular platforms you can use to generate awareness about your services and qualifications, while also maintaining and building those relationships with your clients. You may not think people are interested in what you have to say, but they are. You just have to say it the right way.
    Here’s why: Our emotions are the primary driver of our online and offline actions. The best way to generate more positive engagement using social media is to connect with your audience on an emotional level using valuable content that solves their problems. Use these five strategies to guide you:
    1. Speak to your target customer directly. Social media channels are personal for your readers. Don’t speak to the masses; appeal to the many, but speak to one – your buyer persona. Talk to them like you’re sitting across the dinner table from one another. One-on-one communication is much more intimate and engaging than a mega horn.
    2. Create unique, valuable insights that can only come from you, not your competitors. People love exclusivity. Give your audience a perspective they can’t find anywhere else and they’ll automatically gravitate towards you and spread the word. Show your audience that you’ve got something valuable to offer and you’ll see your audience come back again and again.
    3. Use humor, compassion, and empathy. Never underestimate the power of emotions. If you can make someone smile or shed a tear, you know there’s a pretty strong emotional bond there. These emotions are great to tap into because as humans, we love to relate. Next time you post content to your social media pages and have an opportunity to make an inside joke that only your audience will understand, go for it!
    4. Pick a side and make your case. Provide valuable insights and take a firm stance with the content you post. Back up your points with hard evidence. Maintain your credibility by accurately citing your sources. Be objective and professional.
    5. Ask the right questions to make them think. The easiest way to connect emotionally and drive more engagement with your audience is to question them. Is there a hot topic about which your audience wants to hear your opinion? Give it to them with your solid stance and then ask them if they agree and why or why not. This dialog will also help you identify some targeted topics you can add to your future posts.
    Adapted from an article posted on by Ryan Kettler, 5 Ways to Connect with Your Audience Emotionally to Drive More Engagement. 
    Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2016. All rights reserved.