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Real estate transactions are challenging and complicated

At North American Title, we are dedicated to providing useful and usable educational resources for our real estate agent, lender, homebuilder, homebuyer and seller customers to make the process a little easier to navigate.  Our resources include web pages, downloadable flyers and informative videos for your use on a variety of topics. Check out all our resources below.
Behind the professional masks our associates wear every day, beat the hearts of SUPER HEROES! Learn about the many professional tasks our associates perform at our title offices across the country every day, with the ultimate goal of protecting our customers' homeownership rights.

Fraud in a real estate transaction has the potential to affect every participant. The best defense is vigilance and a determination to TRUST, BUT VERIFY when suspicions arise. Check out some critical things to be aware of throughout the process, as well as important safeguards North American Title has put into place.

Homebuyers sometimes find the title search process the most mysterious of all the settlement services. Let us show you why title agents are like master detectives, uncovering and resolving issues that could impact a homebuyer's ownership rights. Learn how the work of the title agent ensures a strong and secure foundation for the ultimate protection of the homebuyer.
Our Spanish-language website is a resource for Spanish speakers who are navigating the home buying process. The website focuses on content explaining how title insurance protects a homebuyer. It includes three new Spanish-language videos as well as several informational brochures to download.
The closing or sign-off of a real estate transaction may be delayed by a number of inadvertent missteps. Here are a few tips to help you avoid unnecessary delays, including information needed in advance, what your client must bring to the closing, as well as what special circumstances require early intervention.

FIRPTA regulations requires the buyer of U.S. real estate interests owned by a foreign seller to withhold 10-15 percent of the amount realized from the sale, unless certain exemptions are met. Learn what the responsibilities are for each of the players in a FIRPTA transaction to ensure there are no surprises or hold-ups at the closing table.

A like-kind exchange is permitted under Section 1031 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code if it is an arms-length transaction, meaning the seller or exchanger never has access to the proceeds from the sale. It allows an investor who holds property for productive use in trade or business or for investment to sell that property and purchase another like-kind property without paying capital gains taxes on any appreciation realized.

At North American Title, we are dedicated to managing the title insurance, escrow and closing details so our customers can enjoy an easy stroll to the closing or signoff. Learn how we effectively manage a minefield of requirements for our customers.

RESPA regulations exist to protect the consumer in the real estate transaction. Learn how you can join with North American Title to keep the consumer in focus and protected.

Whether you consider the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) an adversary, a frenemy or a best-friend-forever, there are important CFPB tools that can be mined to strengthen your business. Check out five CFPB Power Tools you can use.

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