NATTrack – North American Title’s Ordering & Tracking System

NATTrack is the ordering portal and transaction management system for North American Title’s premier customers. NATTrack lets you take control of your transaction from the moment an order is placed until your deal is brought to a successful close. We understand that each transaction is unique, and we are committed to providing customized solutions through our NATTrack system.
Our software platform allows you to determine the interval of your transaction notification. Simply request the features you’d like to access and we will customize your online transaction.
With NATTrack, you have the option to:
  •   Monitor real-time progress of your order
  •   Order settlement services
  •   Place an order 24/7
  •   Access your file 24/7
  •   Secure your information
  •   Have your approved document uploaded to your electronic file
  •   Archive your documents
  •   Reduce paper use
Want to learn more? Find your local North American Title Team using our OFFICE LOCATOR and give your title and closing team a call.