Heavy Lifting

At North American Title, we are dedicated to managing the title insurance, escrow and closing details so you can enjoy an easy stroll to your closing or signoff.
There’s nothing you want more than to see your excited homebuyers moving into their new home, or your happy home sellers consummating the deal. But as an experienced real estate agent or loan officer, you know that standing between the contract or the mortgage application and the move-in day is a minefield of requirements that have to be satisfied.




At North American Title, we effectively handle the biggest obstacles between your homebuyer and seller and the closing.  
  • We communicate with you and your clients to gather all of the contracts, 
    insurance information and funds necessary for the closing.
  • We work with the lender to ensure the title is clear and insurable to
    pave the way for the lender’s investment.
  • And we gather all final documents, disclosures and verifications needed for the closing. 


We accomplish all of this by focusing on what matters to you and your clients.


At North American Title, we know communication isn’t “one thing,” it is “everything” in a real estate transaction. We know you can’t do your job effectively if you don’t have the information you need to get the transaction to the closing or signoff. Keeping you informed of our progress, what is needed for closing and any issues that arise is our Number 1 priority.


Your clients are not real estate experts. That’s why you spend valuable time teaching them about buying and selling homes, or about the mortgage process. We consider ourselves your allies in that process. We can provide you with a wealth of helpful materials, instructing your clients on title insurance, the escrow process and what to expect at closing to effectively prepare them for the BIG DAY. Check out these great resources:
  • Video segments covering home buying and selling, mortgage, title and escrow, and more at www.nat.com/NATTV
  • Extensive information on title insurance, how you can lose title to your home, and free brochures explaining every aspect of the process at www.nat.com/title-information
  • A plethora of information, brochures and flyers about the TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures, including a 12-page guide comparing the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure available at www.nat.com/CFPB


It’s no fun when a deal goes south. At North American Title, we are diligent in making sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed BEFORE you get to the closing. 
  • We know the success of your professions rests on the bedrock of our secure homeownership system in the U.S. As a title insurance company, our primary goal is to deliver a marketable title to your clients to ensure their future homeownership and to protect the lender’s investment in the mortgage.
  • Our staff of professional and experienced escrow and closing associates across the country are provided with consistent guidance and educational resources to keep them abreast of legal changes, as well as the skills necessary to protect your clients’ nonpublic personal information and prevent fraud in the real estate transaction.
  • We have implemented strict standards for our processes and procedures that earned us a Certificate of Compliance  from Aprio (formerly HA&W) through its ComplianceSuccess® program. The certificate attests that Aprio has examined North American Title’s title insurance and settlement practices and concluded, in its opinion, they comply in all material respects with the American Land Title Association® (ALTA) Best Practices framework.

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