Prevent Fraud

At North American Title we follow strict protocols to protect our customers’ transactions and to verify all communications to combat potential hackers, including:
  • Our agents discuss the money transfer protocols with all involved parties prior to the transaction to ensure everyone is in agreement on how money will be transferred.
  • If we receive an email from any of the parties altering those agreed-upon protocols, we do NOT respond to the email or click on any links it contains.
  • We never email financial information and always call the involved parties to verify requests using the number we have on file.
  • We call the involved parties and/or the bank to verify contact and account information.
  • We confirm the transaction details by calling a known and verified phone number, and refrain from handling wire transactions via email.


Read on to see how you can join us in our FIGHT AGAINST FRAUD.



Know your service providers
  • Make sure you are dealing with licensed, trained professionals.
  • Research service providers, comparing fees and services, including real estate agents, lenders, and title and
    closing services
  • If you feel uncomfortable at any stage of the transaction, consult a financial advisor or attorney.

Be prepared
  • Buyer beware! Research and understand the real estate transaction so you know your rights and are prepared to identify unusual or suspicious circumstances.
  • Always demand a full explanation for any funds requested and ask for signed receipts.
  • Ask questions! Professional service providers are eager to educate and help you through the process. If someone is being evasive, this is a RED FLAG!

Be vigilant during your transaction
  • Never pass financial or personal information to your real estate agent, lender or title agent via email.
  • Be suspicious of any emails you receive from your real estate agent, lender or title agent with last-minute changes or hurry-up instructions that demand you click on a link in the email.
  • Never respond to suspicious emails. Pick up the phone and call your service provider to verify all questionable requests.
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Know your customers
  • Beware the customer who is making requests for financial arrangement outside the norm.
  • Be suspicious and check out last-minute or unexplained powers of attorney or other unusual authority documents.
  • Elder fraud is on the rise; be aware and sensitive to signs of coercion when properties are being handled by caretakers of the elderly.
  • Question any situation where a client is requesting secrecy or pushing for super speed on a transaction.

Prevent wire fraud
  • Use only secure, encrypted email accounts; never use free email services.
  • Be aware of oddities – a client or service provider using a different email address, an oddly worded request, anything that seems out of character or out of step with the transaction – and investigate thoroughly.
  • Scrutinize all sender/recipient email addresses to verify that emails match your clients’ email addresses on record.
  • Follow pre-established wire plan.
  • If you receive an email purporting to offer new instructions for transfer of funds, get on the phone and verify the changes with your service providers or clients.
  • Use dual-authentication processes/secure client portals.
  • Safeguard NPI with electronic/physical storage and destruction methods.
  • Obtain closing protection letter (CPL, in applicable states)
  • Obtain cybercrime insurance coverage


Remember these 3 Rs to stay Cyber Strong.
  1. RECTIFY: Upon discovering a fraudulent wire transfer, immediately contact your financial institution.
  2. REPORT: Contact your local police and regional FBI office to file a report.
  3. RESOURCE: Remember that our NATC agents are standing by to help you through the incident. Call us with all questions and concerns.
 Your ultimate protection against fraud is working with North American Title, a Best Practices Certified Company.