Behind the professional masks our associates wear every day, beat the hearts of SUPER HEROES!

At our title offices, our associates perform many professional tasks with the ultimate goal of protecting our customers' homeownership rights.
Why is this profession so crucial? The title industry has tracked and verified land ownership for more than 100 years. It provides the necessary services to ensure documents held in the nation's more than 3,500 county seats are accurate and up to date.
The integrity of the property title system rests on the shoulders of title professionals, whose daily efforts make property ownership in the U.S. the safest in the world.


You know her as a Title Sales Representative. But she is really … THE ENFORCER … dedicated to truth, justice and the safe transfer of property.

The work she does supports the Real Estate Agent, Lender, Homebuyer and Seller in their pursuit of the transaction, facilitating communications and helping her customers navigate unusual circumstances or special requirements.

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Meet the Title Abstractor. He is an expert DETECTIVE, searching through public records to determine the history of ownership of a piece of real estate. The abstractor develops an abstract of title, which is a synopsis of all of the information gathered, including ownership of the property; previous mortgages judgments and liens; unpaid taxes and more.

Providing this initial documentation to the title underwriter and the lender gives them an understanding of what must be done in the coming weeks to make sure a “clean” title is handed to the new buyer.

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Behind the calm exterior of the Title Agent or Examiner is a tough-as-nails FIXER. She knows the lender won’t provide mortgage funds and the title insurance company won’t insure the title if she doesn’t “cure” the title. Her job is to resolve all issues, clear up any discrepancies, and get all the paperwork and documents in  proper order to meet the requirements of the title company and the lender.

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Our mild-mannered Escrow Agent is THE GUARDIAN. He has one of the most crucial roles in the transaction, since he is the protector of the funds that are deposited, as well as the guardian of our customers’ nonpublic personal information that appears on many of the documents he handles.

The escrow agent gathers all funds and instructions. He makes sure the wishes of all the parties are carried out and that the funds are properly paid out to all service providers, in addition to the seller.

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The Closing Agent is the master WEAVER. In her hands, lies evidence of all that occurred between the signing of the real estate contract and the final transfer. With the final mortgage package, sales contract and funds in hand, she arranges the final closing or sign-off with the homebuyer and seller.

At the closing, she explains each document that the homebuyer or borrower is signing, and notarizes the necessary documents.

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The Title Insurance Underwriter is THE SENTINEL
After conducting a final review of the public record to ensure there were no additional filings between the initial title search and the closing, he issues the final title insurance policies,
  • One to the lender to protect its mortgage interest in the property
  • One to the new homeowners to protect their interest

And then THE SENTINEL stands guard over the title of the property for as long as the new owners or their heirs own the property. In accordance with the policy provisions, he wards off any claims that may be made.

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Enter the Claims Attorney AKA THE DEFENDER. Not to worry, homeowner!
  • Investigate the claim
  • If the claim is legitimate, she will resolve the claim, according to the provisions in the title insurance policy
  • If she determines the claim is not legit, she will defend your rights at court

THE DEFENDER stands ready to protect your rights to the property for as long as you own your home.

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